How do I register a Beneficial Owner?

Filing Online

In order to file data with the RBO, a person must first register as a user on the RBO’s on-line Registration Portal in the RBO website – www.rbo.gov.ie and be issued with a Username and Password.

An officer or employee of the company/society can discharge the company/society’s obligation by completing the registration process on the RBO’s on-line Registration Portal (Regulation 21(3)).

In addition, beneficial ownership information may be delivered to the Registrar by a person (referred to in the Statutory Instrument as the “presenter”) acting on behalf of the company/ society (Regulation 22(1)).

Each company/society will be required to deliver the following details of the officer/employee/presenter who files data on its behalf with the RBO: name, address, phone number, e-mail address and particulars of the capacity in which they are acting. Where the presenter is not a natural person, the contact details of a natural person must also be provided for correspondence purposes.

Account/Login issues

Have you set up an RBO Account? If not please create one.

When logging in don’t use your email address, please use the Login Name you created

Registrations Rejections and Incorrectly filed information

If your submission remains at the Submitted stage, details you entered may need to be verified by the RBO Unit,

Under Data Protection legislation, RBO staff cannot discuss individual case details or personal data with a company/society or presenter by phone or email. The RBO Unit can only engage with the data subject that is the beneficial owner in relation to their personal data by e-mail at enquiries@rbo.gov.ie.