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The RBO is still operating during the COVID19 crisis. Processing of submissions is currently up to date.

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RBO Updates

The 2020 RBO Annual Report and 2020 RBO Protected Disclosures Report are now available in the About Section

The Criminal Justice (Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing) (Amendment) Act 2021 came into effect on 23 April 2021. For information on new responsibilities for ‘designated persons’ introduced in the new Act, please see FAQ No 17.

About the Central Register of Beneficial Ownership (RBO)

The RBO is the central repository of statutory information required to be held by relevant entities in respect of the natural persons who are their beneficial owners/controllers, including details of the beneficial interests held by them.

Relevant entities are:

  • companies formed and registered under the Companies Act 2014 or an existing company within the meaning of that Act, and
  • industrial and provident societies registered under the Industrial and Provident Societies Acts 1893 to 2018.

Filing of beneficial ownership data with the RBO must be done through an on-line portal.

There are no paper forms or filing fees involved and the RBO office is not open to the public.

The RBO website is designed to give companies and societies as much information as possible to assist you in meeting your beneficial ownership filing requirements.

We have developed a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and search facility on this website which will help guide you through your beneficial ownership filing requirements.

The information provided in our FAQs does not constitute legal advice and, if in doubt, companies/societies should obtain their own legal advice.

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